There is nothing else like it. Merry folk in animal print onesies and high visibility vests united by common cause camaraderie, all carousing on cardboard boxes on a bitterly cauld November night and shouting ‘one more tune!’


It’s been a week since I unleashed my inner DJ at the Rock Trust’s Big Sleep Out – yet I am still buzzing.

The Sleep Out does not claim to recreate homelessness – what it does is to drum up awareness by people giving just one night, sleeping on cardboard, on a cold concrete surface, struggling with the noises of the city and coping the next day with barely any sleep.

I was so thrilled to be out of the house on a Friday night after dark (new mum alert) and overly excited to don the thermals for the silent disco that I rushed to get in a pint. After two sips I…

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